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#1  2019-12-04 07:41:07

  claradsouza - Użytkownik

Zarejestrowany: 2019-08-16

Reliable OST to PST Converter

OST file is one of the database files used by Microsoft Outlook. Its main purpose is to serve as an enabler for working offline even when the connection to Exchange is not live. In such scenarios, the changes you make are later synced to the Exchange Server when the connection is back live.

If there are any errors or corruption issues in the OST file, the information stored within it comes under risk. This is mainly due to the fact that OST files, unlike PST files, cannot be opened independently of the Outlook profile that created them.

So in all such scenarios, what we need is a tool that can Convert OST file to PST. The resultant PST file can then be easily imported into any version of Outlook and its contents viewed. To accomplish this, you will need an tool that can easily extract all the information from within your OST file including mails, calendar, tasks, journals, contacts etc and flawlessly convert it to Outlook PST file.

EdbMails [url=]Convert OST to PST[/url] tool with its simple to use user interface can accomplish this for you. Along with support for most versions of Exchange and Outlook, it also supports 64 bit windows operating systems. What’s more novel about the OST to PST tool is that it allows direct OST migration to Office 365 as well as Live Exchange Server.

EdbMails preserves the folder structure intact and also lets you view all the contents of the OST file within the application. There are extensive filtering options by date, subject, attachments etc that you can apply to the mails before export  to PST file.



#2  2020-01-14 11:16:18

  Imeewinn - Nowy użytkownik

Nowy użytkownik
Zarejestrowany: 2019-12-12

Re: Reliable OST to PST Converter

Take the help of [b]4n6 software[/b] to convert OST to PST or other formats. It supports all Outlook editions to transfer OST filw into Outlook PST folder effortlessly.

[b]Benefits of 4n6 OST to PST Converter
1. Easy to use utility
2. Accurate conversion
3. Windows compatible
4. Preserves accuracy of data
5. Unlimited file conversion

[b]Read More:[/b]

Ostatnio edytowany przez Imeewinn (2020-01-14 11:18:04)



#3  2020-02-29 12:38:17

  ricetap510 - Nowy użytkownik

Nowy użytkownik
Zarejestrowany: 2020-02-29

Re: Reliable OST to PST Converter

[url=]OST to PST Converter[/url] is ideal conversion software to export the database right from OST to Outlook PST format. in just a few seconds, the tool allows you to migrate entire mailbox data(emails, contacts, calendars, task, etc) & properties starting from To, BCC, Subject, Attachments from OST to Outlook. the tool supports all the latest versions of Outlook(2019/2016/2013/2007) and Windows OS.



#4  2020-07-17 05:52:42

  yashkashyap - Nowy użytkownik

Nowy użytkownik
Zarejestrowany: 2020-07-17

Re: Reliable OST to PST Converter

Is your OST data is corrupt and you want  to get your OST data again. So today I will give information about one of the best [url=]OST to PST converter[/url] software which scans your corrupted data properly and retrieves the data.  I have used this software, which is a best OST to PST converter, you can use this software, you can use it in windows 10, 8, 7, XP and earlier versions also.



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