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#51  2019-04-25 19:30:51

  Yampress - Imperator

Zarejestrowany: 2007-10-18

Re: Informacje o wydaniach

[b]01.05.2019 OpenBSD 6.5[/b]

OpenBSD is open source operating system designed with the goals of being simple, secure and offering correct documentation. The project's latest release is OpenBSD 6.5 offers Clang on the mips64 architecture, improves wireless performance, and the unveil() function now handles protecting filesystem assets above the process's directory. "Installer improvements: rdsetroot(8) (a build-time tool) is now available for general use. During upgrades, some components of old releases are deleted. Security improvements: unveil(2) has been improved to understand and find covering unveil matches above the working directory of the running process for relative path accesses. As a result many programs now can use unveil in broad ways such as unveil("/", "r"). unveil(2) no longer silently allows stat(2) and access(2) to work on any unveiled path component." The new release also offers LibreSSL 2.9.1 and OpenSSH 8.0 which include security improvements.[/quote]
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