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How to Migrate Emails from Gmail to Office 365?

Nowadays, more and more Gmail users are move towards to Office 365. Office 365 is High-level security service and feature rich application and suitable for enterprise-level uses. But the major issue arises when the user is not able to find the simple and reliable way to move from Gmail Migration to Office 365. Therefore, I am going to explain a complete guide to move Gmail to Office 365.

Depending upon the size of your Mailbox, you can try either manually or with the help of a safe and secure tool like EdbMails [url=]Gmail Migration[/url] to Office 365.

Step by step Gide for Manual Method:

Step 1: User has to verify Office 365 account.

Step 2: Insert single or multiple user to Office 365 account as per the requirement.

Step 3: Creating Gmail Mailboxes Migration List

While creating the export file, the user must Know the Password of each Gmail Mailbox.

Step 4: Move Gmail to Office 35 by Creating Migration Batch.

Step 5: Update DNS Record for Direct Gmail to Office 365 Email Migration.


EdbMails [url=]Gmail Migration Office 365[/url] (Recommended)

Most of the users, it becomes the complicated task to perform the manual procedure correctly. Therefore, it Is recommended option for an automated solution EdbMails Gmail Migration to Office 365 Software tool for secured Migration. And this software User can migrate  emails of Gmail account to Office 365 in just a few clicks.

Features of Gmail to Office 365 Migration:

Import Gmail to Office 365 Securely
Advance Filter Option
100% safe and secure Migration
User friendly interface
Support Multiple Languages




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